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About Mups Standart

There is a software for the quick control firewall MikroTik ROS and other function from any mobile device.


Warning: The current version of MUPS Standard works only with RouterOS Long-term. Changed authentication process (ROS 6.43 and above). Old API authentication method will also no longer work.

How to install

To install the program on the android, go to the PlayMarket and in the search box type MUPS.

To install the program on Windows, simply download and unzip the archive

Configure MUPS Standart

Run MUPS Standart

MUPS Run the program and you will be prompted to enter the PIN code:

MUPS Default User PIN: 1111
After entering the user PIN code, the Routers tab will be available to you.

MUPS Default Admin PIN: 22222
After entering the admin PIN code, the Config tab will be available to you.

Program Settings

Change PIN

MUPS By clicking on the Config tab, you can change the pin codes for admin and for the user.

Routers Settings

It's necessary to enable API or API-SSL port for communication between MUPS Standart application and RouterOS device. Use command on ROS: IP → Services


Router Configuration

MUPS By clicking on the router you need to configure:
  • In order for the router to be available in the Routers tab, click on the activate switch.
  • Name of the router
  • IP type of the router's address
  • Connection port via API or API-SSL
  • Login and password to access the router
  • Enter the license for full functionality
  • In the demo version, API-SSL is not available.

Rules Configuration

First, you need to prepare our rules on RouterOS. Above the rule in the firewall that we want to enable/disable, put a comment.

Filter Rules

  • Rule1 Name - The name that will be displayed for the user
  • Rule1 Code - Сomment on your rule in RouterOS
  • Rule1 Interface - Interface name as in RouterOS
  • Rule1 Name - The name that will be displayed for the user
  • Script1 - Script name as in RouterOS

When you have entered all the data into the config, click the Save configuration button.


MUPS From the Routers tab, click Connect
You will see which of your rules are on and which are off.

  • Clicking on the switch opposite the rule, it will turn off. On the router, it will become disabled.
  • Clicking on the Script button will execute immediately.